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About Us

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The following men currently serve the congregation as pastors, shepherds and elders:


Our History

1958 to Present
About 1958, Bernard Guilliand, formerly from the Baptist Church, was attending school at Montgomery Bible College located on Ann Street. He wanted to start a new congregation, so they began to meet at 1716 Carter Hill Road. Some of those attending at the beginning included the Pucketts, Kemps, Wileys, Royals, Kisers and students from the College... about 10-15 people in all. At that time, it was known as the Carter Hill Road Church of Christ.
Carroll Puckett was preaching in Eufaula, AL at the time. He left Eufaula and began working with the new group on Carter Hill Road. The building was old and in bad condition, so they began meeting at the home of Carroll and Betty Puckett on Ann Street.
Growth was slow, but steady, and in September 1960, a lot was purchased on Fisk Road for just under $6,000 with the intention of building a church building on the site. The name of the group was changed to the "Gay Meadows Church of Christ" at the time of that purchase. The church, with about 30-40 members, then met downtown in a motel room in an Albert Pick motel, the Capital Inn. Contributions for the year 1962 were about $7,000. The next meeting place was at 657 Court Street. Carroll Puckett served as part-time preacher from November 1962 to June 1973.
It was about mid-1963 that the basic structure of the auditorium on Fisk Road was completed and the church began to meet there. The church was active and growth accompanied that activity. A number of meetings and debates were held each year and a local radio program was begun. By 1970, there were about 20 families in the group and contributions had risen to about $12,000 annually. During this year, additional financing was secured to allow classroom additions. During 1971, total attendance was nearing 100 and contributions rose to $20,000.
Wayne Cobia became the first full-time preacher for the church in July 1973 and served in that capacity until July 1977. Herschal Patton preached for the church from July 1977 to September 1982. Elders were appointed during this time and included Wayne Cobia, Joe Estes, Herschal Patton and later in 1981, John Burch. Tommy Poarch preached for the church from October 1982 to September 1994.
By 1983, there were almost 50 families and contributions had risen annually to $75,000. Total attendance was approximately 150 and numbers were increasing. About 1984, Jess Hart was appointed as an elder and contributions took their largest single year increase to just over $90,000. Attendance rose to about 170. By 1985, Bill Andrews was added to the eldership, contributions were $99,000 and it was clear that a larger auditorium would soon be needed. It was in 1985 that the name was changed to "Fisk Road Church of Christ".
During the first six months of 1986, attendance peaked at over 190 and extra chairs in the aisles and at the front and back of the auditorium were a regular occurrence. Contributions were then averaging $1,900 per week and growth continued. Active efforts were underway to build a new auditorium on the existing property on Fisk Road when it was learned that the Perry Hill Road Baptist Church was in financial difficulty and needed to sell their building.
Talks were immediately begun with the Baptist group to see if we might be able to purchase their building. This at first seemed impossible, since their building was over six times as large as our building on Fisk Road, but they were asking a price very near the expected cost for building a new auditorium on Fisk Road. A group of about 100 of our members went to the Perry Hill Road building on a Sunday afternoon and sang a few songs to test the acoustics... the sound was great! We made an offer to buy at the price they asked and realized that "the Lord had delivered" us the property in almost the same way that He delivered Jericho. That purchase of the Perry Hill Road property was in 1986.
John McPherson began to serve as the preacher in June 1994. On June 22, 1997, C. A. Burcham was appointed as an Elder. Jason Cheney became our first Preacher Trainee in May 1998 and worked with us for 18 months. Erik Shaffer became our second Trainee in May 2000 and worked with the program until March 2002. Both Jason Cheney and Erik Shaffer began preaching for congregations in California. Jason now preaches in Springville, AL. Our third Trainee, Aaron Beard, began working with us on April 7, 2002. He came to us from Gardendale, AL.
John & Jean McPherson completed just over ten years with us and moved on October 20th, 2004 to work with the church in Bentonville, AR. Aaron Beard completed his two years training with us in November 2004 and accepted a position with the church in Trussville, AL.
Jason & Amberly Cicero began their work here on January 2, 2005. They came to us from the church in LaGrange, GA. During 2004, the church purchased six acres of property on the west side of Bell Road, just about 1/4 mile south of Vaughn Road as a future site for a new church building. In preparation for that move, the old building at Perry Hill Road was put up for sale and received considerable interest. Whenever a sale is completed, the congregation plans to move into temporary quarters (yet to be determined) and begin construction on the Bell Road site.
During 2005, Jason Cicero spent four weeks preaching and teaching with Ed Harrell and others in India. It was considered a very successful trip. In the last 10-15 years, many local churches have been established in India and many local preachers have been trained.
During April-May 2006, we had an apparent sale of the old building at Perry Hill Road. The prospective buyer had made a good offer and we had made a very minor counter offer which was accepted. However, on the same day in May, we discovered that our financing had been approved and the prospective buyer's financing had been declined. The Lord evidently a has better plan for us!
On July 9, 2006, the congregation appointed three more Elders: Rodger Cobia, Joe Gordon and Neal Smith. Two new Deacons were also appointed: Tim Harris and Paul Puckett. Unfortunately, James Strickland had to resign as a Deacon due to family responsibilities. We now have six Elders and nine Deacons and are looking for continued spiritual growth in the congregation.
On July 12, 2006, Jason Cicero again spends three weeks preaching and teaching with Ed Harrell and others in India. There is much growth in the church there.
April 22-27, 2007, our Gospel meeting was held by Jason Cicero. It was believed to be the first time we had used our own evangelist for such a meeting and was thought to be very effective. Members handed out approximately 3,000 personal invitations and we had a significant number of visitors, not only for the meeting, but for several Sundays afterward.
Fall 2007
In September, 2007, Deacon Dan Morris, after years of dedicated service, resigned as a Deacon to take care of family business in Georgia.
In October, 2007, Jason Cicero and family moved to Birmingham to work with the Vestavia congregation.
On December 9, 2007, Jeff Henderson was selected to replace Jason Cicero. Jeff and his family moved to Montgomery in late May 2008. During the months of March-May 2008, Jeff commuted to Montgomery for Sunday services.
Jess Hart resigns as an Elder
On Wednesday, April 30th, 2008, Jess Hart stepped down as an Elder after 23 years of dedicated service. He said that his own health and care for his wife Pat no longer allowed him the time necessary to do the job as an Elder. Jess is much appreciated by all of us for all he has done over the years. Thankfully, they intend to remain here in Montgomery and will continue to worship with us.
Jeff & Tonya Henderson move to Montgomery
In May 2008, Jeff & Tonya Henderson, sons Jonathan & Benjamin and daughter Laura moved to Montgomery to work with the Perry Hill Road congregation.
C. A. Burcham passes from this life - Sept. 2008
Early on the morning of Sept. 30, 2008, C. A. Burcham passed from this life.  C. A. had worshiped with the congregation since he retired from preaching in about 1995.  He had served since June 1997 as one of the elders of the church here at Perry Hill Road and was a major provider in teaching three preacher trainees who served here.
Nelson Adams lost his fight with cancer - Nov. 2009  Nelson had served well as a Deacon for a number of years.  Nelson was one of the earliest members at Perry Hill road and served as Treasurer for most of that time.
In the Spring of 2010, Tim Harris ended his service as a Deacon for the church.
In July, 2010, Marshall & Emily McDaniel, and son Caleb, came to work with the church at Perry Hill Road.  Marshall and his family came to us from the St. Louis, MO area.  On August 1, 2010, Jeff & Tonya Henderson, sons Jonathan & Benjamin and daughter Laura moved to work with the church in Athens, GA.
In March 2014, after many years of faithful service, Ragan Ingram had to resign from the work of a Deacon due to job workload and personal reasons.
In July 2015, signed contract with Marshall Design Build to demolish the house and the old classroom wing and to rebuild a new classroom wing all on one level.  Expect completion by January 2016.
On December 13, 2015, the Perry Hill Road church of Christ is excited to report that we have appointed a new elder, Mike Howard, and six new deacons, John Demas, Kerry Lashlee, Chris Lloyd, Ron McDonald, Craig Sims, and Gary Smith. We commend them to God and to the work entrusted to them.
On May 27, 2017, Marshall & Emily McDaniel, Caleb, Noah & Beth moved to Missouri to be closer to family.
Average attendance is 140-150
Average contribution is $5,400 per week.
On June 16, 2017, Bill & Judy Robinson began their search for a new home here in Montgomery.  Bill will serve as our evangelist beginning in mid-July 2017.  Bill began his work here on July 30, 2017.
On Sunday, Sept. 3, 2017, Ron Kochik was appointed as our fifth Elder and Curt Williamson was appointed as our ninth Deacon
Mike Howard announced that he had accepted a promotion in his job that would move him to the Gardendale, AL area on July 30, 2018.  Mike and Pam were a very positive influence for the congregation.  Mike served for almost three years as an Elder and will be sorely missed.  We now have four elders: John Burch, Rodger Cobia, Neal Smith and Ron Kochik.  Our nine Deacons are: Jim Keith, Bud Porter, Craig Sims, Ron McDonald, Gary Smith, Curt Williamson, Kerry Lashlee, Bob Trefethen and Paul Puckett.

In June, 2020, Deacon & Treasurer, Bob Trefethen, died. Leaving us with eight Deacons. He was replaced as treasurer by Kerry Lashlee and Curt Williamson.