Bible Correspondence Course Request

Bible Correspondence Course Request

Would you like to be “just a Christian”?  The term “denomination” is commonly used in the religious world to denote a sect.  Denominationalism is the divided religious system in which various sects calling themselves “Christian” wear different names, accept different creeds, and often oppose one another while at the same time claiming to have the same objective.  Does that sound familiar?  How confusing it can be to have so many religions saying so many different things.  They all may be wrong, but they can’t all be right.

Undenominational Christianity is a term which applies to people who are trying to be nothing more or less than just Christians.  Based on a plea to unite on a “thus saith the Lord,” these Christians urge the religious world to lay aside divisive sects with their human creeds, names, and traditions.  Since the New Testament does not even recognize the denominational concept of the church, and if we are to comprehend undenominational Christianity, we need to understand clearly the way the word, “church” is used in the Scriptures.

Are you an undenominational Christian today?  If not, let’s find out together what it means to be “just a Christian.”  Please enter your contact information in the fields below to request a hard copy of our Bible Correspondence Course (BCC)

Please do it now and expect that it can change your entire life!  You are going to learn things from your Bible that you always wanted to know.  Soon, you too can be “just a Christian”.



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Please view this video describing the Perry Hill Road Church of Christ. (Click on the link here or the embedded video to the right.) We are simply a congregation trying to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ written in the New Testament.


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    10/2/22 09:00am
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    10/5/22 06:30pm
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    10/9/22 09:00am
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    10/9/22 10:00am
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